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Jonathan Wommack's artwork has been shaped by his upbringing in Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt. Having lived in the Middle East and North Africa for 23 years, the region's rich history and traditions have had a profound impact on him, shaping his worldview and cultivating a deep appreciation for the world around him. His work aims to investigate how art can bridge cultural boundaries and uncover shared experiences among all peoples.

Although Jonathan works primarily with oil paint, he believes that subject matter should dictate the media used. For this reason, he chooses not to call himself exclusively a painter, but rather a storyteller.

Jonathan's work is heavily inspired by representational realists of the past, and he aspires to reflect the world around him in a way that honors technique but allows for freedom to capture moments of expressiveness. By constantly challenging himself to apply traditional techniques to contemporary subject matter, Jonathan aims to create relevant and meaningful work for today's world.
His goal as an artist is to create work that bridges cultural divides and speaks to the human experience by discovering underlying intrinsic truths.

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